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Residential Security

What is the security of your possessions and the safety of your family worth? Most home owners will spend hundreds of dollars for a faucet for the kitchen or bath, or even a thousand or more for just one TV, not to mention the price of a complete sound system, but will spend much less than the equivalent of one months cable bill on a lock to protect their family and household.
Extreme measures can be taken to better ensure security of your property but there is point where your home turns into a vault or a fortress. Solid concrete walls, windows with steel bars, steel doors and frames, and commercial Grade 1 locks with high security cylinders can be a bit excessive depending on where you live or your line of work. If you feel you need all of the aforementioned, I recommend a well armed 24 hour security team as well. However most homes would be fairly secure with:

  • Quality locks installed correctly (re-keyed when necessary)

  • Windows with locks, and break resistant glass

  • Security (alarm) system

  • Flood lights with motion sensors

  • Cameras


Lock installation time and complexity varies a great deal based on the type and brand of lock and the condition of the door and frame. Without the proper tools and experience, your locks may not work correctly and the life of your locks could be significantly reduced.
Sandfly Locksmith has quality installation tools and experienced technicians that can have your locks installed correctly the first time.

House Lockout

Locked out? No problem. We can open your home for you. Our fleet of mobile workshops make it easy to solve your issues on site. We come to you!

Non-Destructive Entry

We never break into your house. Our technicians can get you inside without damaging your home.

Locks Change/Repair

Is your lock not working well? We can help. Our technicians can replace or even repair many existing locks. We have experienced technicians and quality installation tools that can have your locks installed correctly the first time.

Rekey/ Master key

We can re-key your house locks whether you want to make sure none of the old keys work, you’re having problems with your lock, or you just want all of your locks to work with one key.

Duplicate Keys

We are able to make first generation duplicate keys that work like new. 

Garage Locks

Some people rely solely on electronic garage entry to their home. Power outages can make this a problem. We can provide unique solutions to help.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

We offer installation, repair, and re-combination on most brands of these advanced lock alternatives.

The video to the right shows Bruce working on one such brand of these electronic locks.

Sandfly Locksmith is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Pick-Resistent Cylinder Deadbolts

Our team can install these difficult to breech locks and give you that extra security your looking for.

Screen & Garage Door Locks

We can re-key or replace most garage and screen door locks which are compatible with standard keyways.

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