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Lock life can be reduced by many issues such as, but not limited to: corrosion, improper installation, inappropriate lubricants, substandard repair attempts, modification attempts, and even excess weather stripping. However, even without any faults in your system, or defective parts, even the highest quality of locks fail eventually. Whatever the cause an experienced Sandfly Locksmith technician can correct installation issues, and repair your lock, or install a new one if necessary.

Do you need a locksmith, or a door company?

Sometimes your lock problem is really a door problem. Before scheduling a technician to repair your lock try operating the lock with the door open. If it works well with door open, but not closed, you may have a door/frame problem such as:

1) Extra thickness to the door or frame

  • Too thick of weather stripping

  • An excess of paint on the door or frame

2) Misalignment of latch and strike

  • Settling of the house

  • Warping of the door or frame

  • Bent, or worn, hinges

3) Improper installation

  • Holes drilled too small, or too large

  • Holes drilled at a slight angle

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