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In 2002 Honda began using an 8-cut, 6-depth, external four track (E4T) system in their U.S. distributed vehicles.  This particular E4T system has a major design flaw that causes the lock cylinder to fail in the “Locked” position.

We can repair these locks for less than a replacement

Replacing these cylinders is an option.  However, it comes with a high price.  The cost of the ignition alone could be several hundred dollars plus labor for removal and installation,  then new keys, and programming.  After all of this you end up with a different key for your ignition than all the rest of your locks.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal until all of your ignition keys are lost or stolen and then you find out your ignition has to be replaced again because it’s not keyed the same as the door.

You can avoid all of this by calling Sandfly Locksmith

Call us today to have one of our automotive specialist repair your ignition and cut new keys.

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