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High Security Lock Cylinders

“High security” cylinders are specially designed to be difficult to bypass. Picking, or bumping, a cylinder of this type is extremely impractical, and fairly improbable for a novice. This type of cylinder is recommend anytime sensitive information, or valuable equipment/merchandise, is being stored. These type of cylinders normally have the added benefit of being a restricted keyway.

Beyond commercial, and residential, doorway security manufactures of high security cylinders often offer other formats of their cylinders.  Vending machines, file cabinets, and padlocks, are just a few of the many application options available.


     The successor to Medeco Biaxial. As with Biaxial chisel shaped pins with 360° rotation make this cylinder type extremely difficult to pick, or bump, and angled key cuts greatly reduce the effectiveness of “credit card key blanks”.  Angled cuts on the keys, along with fore and aft cut positioning, add dimensions that dramatically increases key combinations and enables Medeco to produce some of the largest master key systems in the in the industry.

     Medeco³ added a third security feature to the system. A locking bar at the bottom of the cylinder that increases the difficulty of picking, and bumping.

   This is a unique High Security cylinder that offers “a pin within a pin” system that is very difficult to pick.  This key also uses a proprietary cutting machine greatly reducing unwanted key duplication. Stop by Sandfly Locksmith on Skidaway Road to see this cylinder in action on our own storefront door.

Restricted Keyways

 Preventing the duplication of unwanted keys is difficult.  Most keys for residential, and commercial, doors can be copied at almost every locksmith shop, and most general stores, and hardware stores, and some dry cleaners.  You can even get keys copied at vending machines in some shopping malls.

Manufacturers of restricted keyways sell blanks only to locksmiths, and construction companies, with which they have contracts, greatly reducing the chance of keys in the wrong hands.

Medeco x4

     Medeco KeyMark x4 is unique in our inventory, due to the fact that one 6-pin key can be used for SFIC, LFIC, and conventional cylinders. It can be added to an existing system by changing only the cylinders in most commercial locksets instead of replacing the whole lockset. This has the potential of saving thousands of dollars while adding safety, security, key restriction and a total master key system.

Key duplication is one of the most important aspects of a restricted access system. Medeco x4 has patent protection against duplication through 2027.  With supported cylinder styles of SFIC, LFIC, mortise, rim, key-in-knob, key-in-lever designed to retrofit virtually any commercial door, this is one versatile system.
If your current system is SFIC then this may be your least expensive option to switch over to a restricted keyway.
Medeco x4 is manufactured in the USA.


Scorpion CX5

Clark TD and CSB

PacLock KB6-P0

This is padlock key that is not a restricted key, but it is extremely uncommon compared to the typical Master M1 blank. Not sold in hardware stores.

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