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Theft Deterrent System Disabling


Sandfly Locksmith does not condone tampering with, disabling, or altering, automotive security / transponder systems in any way.

Programming keys into vehicle transponder systems, or solving immobilizer system issues, is always best when conducted within the guidelines of the manufacturer.


                 How do I disable (or bypass) a transponder (or immobilizer system)?


                 Thoroughly understanding, and having a working knowledge of, the following fields will be necessary to bypass a        

                  transponder system in a vehicle.

1. Cryptology:

    Many transponder systems have encrypted data.  Deciphering transponder data and knowing the exact

    sequence of packets in the data stream is essential to defeating a transponder system.

2. Electronics Engineering:

    Devices are available on the open market that claim to “bypass” transponder systems, but they require a

    programmed key to be placed in a box plugged into the car. This doesn’t bypass a transponder system. It is

    similar to leaving a key in the center console. A programmed transponder key, and a fully functional

    transponder system, is still required to start the vehicle.

    Truly bypassing a transponder system in a vehicle requires designing and building your own vehicle CAN

    computer modules.

3. Computer Software/Firmware Engineering:
    Congratulations! Now that you’ve deciphered the data from the vehicle manufactures computer modules,        and built your own vehicle computer modules, there’s only one step left…writing your own code to control        your new module.

That’s it!  That’s all it takes to bypass a transponder system.

Can transponder systems be disabled or bypassed? Certainly.
Is it cost effective?  Not at all.

If you are having issues with your vehicle transponder system, or need a transponder key, proximity remote (smart key), remote key, or any type of electronic key for your vehicle call us at 912-354-KEYS (5397) and we’ll have one of our trained automotive technicians help you solve your problem.

If all of your keys have been lost or stolen, we can still help.  Call us now so we can program your vehicle keys today.

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